Sweat Republik


Sweat Republik

Sweat Republik represents strength, community, and power through living a healthy lifestyle. Originated from women who were former college athletes known from there intense level of athletic training, Sweat Republik became an environment where women encouraged each other reach their ultimate physical and health goals.

This female fitness gym is a unique fitness environment based on a strong female training community with a promise to motivate and inspire each member to reach their ultimate physical and health capabilities. The branding execution for Sweat Republik was to use a bold and feminine color palette with a strong typeface, along with sharp diagonals used for the logo to represent the brand’s core values, strength, community, and power.

VISUAL design, branding

Other Roles : Mobile application design

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Not only is Sweat Republik a gym that gives clients the opportunity to complete their workout, the fitness center also provides energy drinks for their members to “fuel their sweat”.


sweat republik posters

Sweat Republik Advertising Posters were made to call attention to potential new gym members.



Gym membership levels are represented above with pink platinum and elite members. Each level represents the amenities and fitness class priority.



So members can easily distinguish between each level of employment, color coded badges are used for gym staff, trainers, and managers.


fitness app

Working out can be redundant when you there is no change in your routine. This app has guided workouts to follow along, or workout challenges to test your fitness level and strength. All Sweat Republik members would have access to a fitness app that creates workouts based on experience and activity level.

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social media

Sweat Republik social media gives workout tips to followers, including form, routine, and health recommendations.