modman gift set

Finding your loved ones the perfect gifts can be extremely overwhelming. gift sets, can be convenient to purchase but are everything that comes in prepackaged gift sets useful? Exploring the challenge to come up with a target consumer for a holiday gift set, I thought back to my retail experience of customers that want to give their spouse, father, brother the perfect gift but have no clue where to start. With initial research from men’s subscription boxes like dollar men’s shave club and Bespoke Post, I developed the idea of the “Modman” giftset.

Modman comes with 3 gifts in one with a bottle of whiskey, cologne, bitters to use with whiskey or modify the cologne. With scent modification growing within the retail industry, and consumers never straying from their old fashioned drink. Modman gift set solves the problem stressful gift shopping, by including items that can be used separate, or conjoint.

Packaging design, branding, art direction

Other Roles : Photography


Cocktail recipe book design

The cocktail recipe book was created to help someone who receives the gift, make their own beverage.



Modman branding was inspired from 1920’s Art deco design. The name of the brand was created from the phrase “mod” from this era meaning dapper, or in style. Modman color palette has a bright golden yellow to mimic the orange “accent” on an old fashioned cocktail.



“Modify the way you shop”, instead of stressing over piecing together items to create a cohesive gift.

Book Edit PG 2.jpg
Book Edit PG 3.jpg

Product Photography

The design of the bottles were inspired from 1920’s design, and each photograph was taken to show the containments of the gift set.