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Coleman-Anderson Consulting is a woman-owned, full-service management consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations improve their performance. Vibrant, eye-catching branding was created to visually represent the out-of-the-box ideas, and strategies Coleman-Anderson Consulting provides to her clients.


Branding & Digital


Coleman-Anderson Consulting



CA Logo White - Primary.png

With a team of bold-thinkers and diverse clientele, it was essential to develop branding that truly represents Coleman-Anderson Consulting.

Stationery collateral including email signatures, letterheads, business cards, and landing page design was created to begin establishing client-brand recognition.

CA Brand Stamp - Secondary.png

Branding Identity

We paired a navy primary color with electric accents for professional branding with a vibrant edge, and to ensure consistency across all assets and projects, we developed a robust brand guide to ensure all collateral accurately represents the Coleman-Anderson brand.

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