Cat Pool


Catpool rideshare

Currently, there is no long distance ridesharing option for Texas State students. Texas state students that don’t have cars have no way of traveling over 45 miles that is convenient and affordable. Although there are ridesharing options in use like Lyft or Uber, on average those services are used for short distance travel less than 50 miles. If by chance you were to attempt to use one of those services for travel, your charge would average around $100. Students will benefit from Catpool rideshare service because we provide a long distance carpooling system that services to off campus locations.

VISUAL design, branding

Katie Connolly : App Design

Anastasia Guerrero : Branding System

Dolores Jimenes : Art Direction, and touchpoints

Iman Mora : Art direction, and touchpoints



Free hugs “at your moms house” is a comical ad for students, using Catpool gives riders and drivers an easy way to travel home.



Catpool touchpoints are used as promotional items for students and for potential drivers. The piece and give aways would be distributed around campus to spread awareness of our student based rideshare app.


catpool App

Catpool transportation app was made to create an easy way for riders to find drivers, and for drivers to find passengers.


Catpool culture

Catpool, a safe ridesharing app for students would be promoted throughout the student population. San Marcos is known for their campus, and river life. Catpool will use their branding to create fun marketing items for students.