608 Morrow


608 morrow street

A new property sublease space available, in construction that was in need of marketing and branding. My job as a designer was to use my knowledge and property information to design a creative to layout for the provided information and images associated with this property.

Inspiration from this branding came from the color of the photography. Although the property is under construction, the photos taken of the development are used throughout the flyer to show perspective to future tenants. I used the colors from these photos to choose the color palette for 608 Morrow street, in attempt to create a visually interesting information guide for future tenants.

stream Office sublease branding


608 morrow flyer

608 Morrow is an office space sublease flyer created to market an upcoming property. 3d renderings are used within the flyer to show the potential property space. The spreads highlight this properties location to major highways, and distance from major restaurant chains and retail.


Austin map system

Instead of using the original Austin map as a guide to show users the office location, I decided to create a branded inverted version of Austin’s location map for visual interest.